Single vs dating vs marriage intimidating color

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When you withhold at the single rate, more federal income tax comes out of your paychecks than if you were married and had the same amount of earnings and allowances.

Come tax time, however, you might not owe the Internal Revenue Service -- or you might get a larger refund -- because you paid sufficient taxes through withholding.

Ex: Dating - More money for entertainment Marriage - Less money for entertainment/More responsibilites such as mortgage, health insurance, children, etc.

Dating - When you guys have problems, one may be stubborn and act childish Marriage - When you guys have problems, you HAVE to try to work things out and...

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Doctors aren't entirely sure why, but it's possible that since marriages typically offer a person emotional support, physical and intellectual intimacy, as well as deeper social ties to family, they might lower blood pressure and improve heart health overall.These may include larger pools of never-married people, potentially offering larger groups of friends. The self-rated health of the widowed, divorced, and separated worsened over time relative to the married.Widows and widowers had the most dramatic declines.when there's a problem, it won't be solved as fast as it was solved when you were dating because you two will have plenty of time to get things right. not to say getting married is a bad idea, there're lots of successful marriage which are better than dating but most of them ended up bad.for me personally, i always wish for a 'happily ever after' marriage which is not very convincing.

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