Is mao inoue and jun matsumoto dating

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Reports and caught it to secret meeting according to the magazine, this big couple is none at all.

To ever had received a number of sightings of the two In the shrine in Harajuku, Meguro, daikanyama, sangen-Jaya, Roppongi and Nishi-Azabu will witness. Long before showbiz reporter Inoue public buildings are suspicious of the relationship between two people, was significant.

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Night came home after 3 hours or so at 10: 30Inoue Is left home alone, a cab of the sink.

Yes folks Geum Jandi and Gu Jun Pyo ended up together in real life. Its the type of celebrity couple that the tabloids try to catch but somehow they always stay allusive.

There were many rumors in 2016 that the pair would get married by the end of the year but it never happened (or did it..dun dun....) Then there were reports that Jun cheated on Mao with AV actress Tsukasa Aoi.

Jun deserves a lot of props for being able to cheat on Inoue Mao, who he isn’t even confirmed to be dating (though there have been rumors forever, including ones involving marriage).

Regardless, when confronted Jun said he doesn’t even know her and to talk with his company.

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