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Have fun sharing stories and photos and then hook up to explore the possibility of free love.

Don't use those generic dating sites that are supported by the establishment that you reject. It may be a passion, life style, deviation, or affliction.

This new cut will be a couple minutes longer, more leisurely, and a bit more lurid and lewd.

I am an Anarchist, a Capitolist and, old fasioned, dont have alot, (Very Bohemian) dont need alot and enjoy my work.

I don't have much experience with the database schema of My BB (like what LKSM uses) so I will stick with php BB.

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Importing is a relatively easy task, could be done within a few days, just have to figure out how to make php BB support HTML and a WYSIWYG editor rather than BBCode.I enjoy a variety of music such as Geomatic, Incubus and Civil Twilight.I have been on a long journey searching myself, and have decided that, "Hippy" is a title given by my...Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an Error Document to handle the request. Find the perfect Hippie mate and care for the world together in harmony! You are a free-thinker and would never impose your will on others.

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