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The current sweet spot for displays is 5 inches, with the majority of newer models on the market hitting this mark.You can typically save a bundle if you're willing to settle for a smaller display: The oldie-but-goodie Editors' Choice 4.3-inch Garmin nüvi 2350LMT rings up for as little as 0 these days.According to Tom Tom, there are currently over eleven different models available for purchase (or twelve, if you count the 9 Tom Tom Rider, designed specifically for motorcycles, but which has not been included in this guide).This figure also includes a number of new models that were just announced recently, including a new Tom Tom Go 930 and Tom Tom Go 730.

As a result, you can get a capable stand-alone GPS that can do much more than just help you find your way, for a lot less than you would have paid just last year. Should you even bother with a GPS, or can you just use your phone for directions?On the flip side, if you have trouble reading small text, you may want to opt for a larger unit like the Magellan Road Mate 9055, whose bright, brilliant 7-inch, 800-by-480-pixel WVGA display almost guarantees you'll never have to squint to read a street name.Remember though, the larger the screen, the more of your dashboard or windshield space the unit gobbles up.Updating the maps and software on your Garmin Nuvi will ensure your GPS keeps up with these constant map changes.Garmin are the world leaders in GPS technology and use this experience to bring you some of the best sat nav maps available.

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