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It was commissioned at the time by Gianmaria Buccellati himself,” says François Tajan.Other masterpieces include the Suzanne Belperron “Egyptian Necklace” in yellow gold, dating from the 1940’s (estimated at between €30,000 – €40,000).

Under the leadership of Her Excellency Sheikha Al Mayassa bint Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani, Chairperson of the Qatar Museums Authority’s Board of Trustees, the Museum of Islamic Art will be a new international centre for learning and creativity that advances the cultural vision of the State of Qatar.Maybe it’ll be you, maybe it’ll just be another innocent fantagian. ~Yuki~ Welcome back to Fantagious Fantage as we introduce the #Boyband event!!! The ghost costume fails its name man, f a i l s That mask, that mask can scare someone, and I can work it bro, y o u can too One day I will get you mask, just one day (one night) I will get that mask Because that mask is amazing *This was a message on an amazing mask brought to you by Yuki, a worker on Fantagious Fantage who has an obsession with that mask* ~Yuki~ Hair – My Mall Dress – … The blame is on me, myself and a duckie ;)) Shoes – WELL YOU CAN’T SEE THE SHOES… Especially jam from the outside world.” Yes there were two worlds, the Fantage world and the outside world otherwise known as ‘Earth’, a place where strange giants rest. N: Oh wanna date *wiggles eyebrows* Waitress: NO, WHO’D DATE YOU? —————————————————— How do you like the first episode? ~Everyone Sings~ Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday dear Blizzy! We need a new type of Fantage, a new generation of our Faives and this fiction book will show you how! I’m your host Yuki and lets get this show on the road. Ahem, I mean *sophisticated attitude* Le joke is on you 🙂 Board – Rare Item/My Mall (If your too lazy to wait till you get the item, then you can try My Mall! Leah: Did you find your whun yet *winks* I only have eyes on your boyfriend sister -_- but I could NEVER say it to your face. Over there food is expensive but for jam, its worth it ^-^ Leah: Yeah yeah; this is why you have a low social status (-.-) “I’ll be outside of this freak show.” I quickly left the ‘whun hangout’ and decided to go to the food shop AKA the restaurant, I need that food 😉 Once I got inside the food shop, I heard yelling; N: WHERE MAH FOOD AT? Well I’d like to thank the most fantastic person otherwise known as Casey for getting me this amazing item, thank you 🙂 I’ve already scared one, too bad I wasn’t able to screenshot it. I tag no one specific 😀 *Thank you Blizz for giving me the bubblegum as a birthday gift* ~Yuki~ Don’t worry, I’m wearing the EOS lip balm… Like wouldn’t you want to go on Fantage and scare the life out of a Fantagian with that glorious accessory? NOW GIMME FOOD Waitress: You must pay -.- “I’ll pay for the unicorn head.” I interrupted their conversation just because I pitied the poor waitress. (Sorry for a short post) ~Yuki~ Costume – Rare Item/My Mall/Orions (Thank’s again Lydia : D) Board – Limited Item/Santa’s Free Gift 2015 Wings – Rare Item/My Mall/Orions Accessory – Runaway Rudolph Item/My Mall I wish you all a Merry Christmas 😀 ~Yuki~ Hello, and welcome to a new Fantage book series (the last one got cancelled) called The Days Of Our Faives. Cold tone with a caring heart, doubts ‘N’s stupidity. Basically our conversation was her saying my item was smexy and then she said it’s scaring the heck outta her 😉 I’ve scared her, who else will I scare? I bought it from Dollarama 😉 Before I quit Fantage I’ll go to the lighthouse and scream: “HAHA FANTAGIANS, I’VE DONE IT. Like dude this ghost costume can’t scare a soul, not even my pet was scared. Well now I guess I’ll have something interesting to do. AND THANK YOU; I SHALL BE YOUR HERO ONCE YOU SERVE ME THE GREAT HOLY FOOD Wait what? Yup you know it (if you read the title) today is Blizzy’s birthday! If you did not know already Faives stands for Fantage Lives. 1.) Sophia White Just an ordinary fantagian crushing over her friends whun, but her life changes after a certain encounter… Thinks of herself as a majestic dinosaur with unicorn powers.

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