Dlink dyndns not updating

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begun=1&ip=$I&wildcard=Y&mx=&backmx=Y&action=Modify Host" Then turn off that client, immediately.

Automated updates to that URL (which is designed for humans only, and therefore uses about 400 times more bandwidth) are likely to get your account blocked for AUP violations.

This affects many vendors and their products, including those by D-Link.

Suggestion: Until new firmware is released for your D-Link product, use a free software updater client from the DYNDNS site ( ).

There is a newer version of firmware (1.01b02), but it's don't mention any fix about DDNS, so i didn't update.

I was thinking, maybe the problem that it's behind a router, and maybe can't determine the public IP address...

We had a power failure and when power came back on the IPV4 on router changed so i had to come into the shop to get the new IP so that i could link it to com. It's known that when Modems and Routers reboot, ISP service may hand out a new WAN IP address due to security reasons and operation policy.

If you want a continual IP address, you'll need to ask your ISP about a Static WAN IP address.

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I don't know why they changed it, but I sure hope they fix it soon.[text was edited by author 2003-02-12 ] They are using this one, where $U is username $P is password $H is hostname and $I is ipaddress."

Checking Dyn reflected the IP address of my lan (192.168.x.x) rather than the public IP address of the WAN (even though the WAN address had not changed from the night before).

Rebooting the router did not modify this, I had to again manually log into the site and update the information.

The Hardware version of the router is listed as A4.

I set the router to automatically synchronize with Dyn (Free) to keep the IP updated, but it is not working.

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