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The card said that the sender hoped the flowers had reached their intended recipient, but if not, to enjoy them and the mystery.Anthony had put together some details and made an educated guess about where I worked. I got out of my car wearing an elegant dress, and Anthony looked great in a tuxedo. We had an easy conversation in the car that mirrored the tone of our emails. Anthony said that he needed to get one thing off his chest right away, and that was to let me know that his recent divorce was actually his second.Her dating life consists of a series of dates, usually in the summer, that fizzle down soon after. Luke works as a photographer and lives in the downtown core.She describes herself as stylish, driven, and fun, but […] Luke had admired Ryan from afar for a while. Ryan is a hairdresser from Hamilton who now works in Toronto – a […] Jackie is a Mc Master student studying English literature. She met Ben by chance at a coffee shop on Valentine’s Day.We bounced from topic to topic, connecting on so many mutual interests and shared points of reference.He was educated and informed but not arrogant, and had a great sense of humour. When we met in person, it was the same, but amplified.) are sick of hearing about my boy problems, and because I have some HILARIOUS stories that no one ever gets to hear about!So count this post as a dating series introduction.

But when dating is bad, its freaking hard work and knocks your confidence 100 feet backwards.I can’t really […] Odin was from Europe, four months into his Ph.D., and Nadia was from Nova Scotia, starting her law degree.The conversation was great and the chemistry was palpable, and two hours flew by.We had only planned to meet for coffee, but decided to order food, too.

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