Dating a peavey guitar

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An advertising circular used by Peavey in the late ´70s compared the price of an American built T-60 (plus case) for 0 versus the Fender Stratocaster´s list price of 0 or a Gibson Les Paul for 8.50 (list).In light of those list prices, it´s also easy to see where the Japanese guitar makers had plenty of maneuvering room during their copy era.One of the largest and most trusted musical and professional audio equipment manufacturers in the world, Peavey has earned its reputation.

The basswood-body electric guitar comes with earbuds to listen through the built-in preamp with two channels: clean and overdrive.The pack also includes a GT5 amp and a cable to connect to it, a nylon shoulder strap and picks so you can start rocking right out of the box.If you find yourself constantly switching between different tunings, or just don't like wasting time tuning your guitar, the AT-200 auto-tune electric is your new best friend.That was followed by a letter, which IIRC ("If I Recall Correctly," in case you were wondering) indicated the type of gear in question.And in the lower right hand corner there was a number and a letter corresponding to the year the prefix indicated.

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